Kobayashi - VFX Montage 2016
A selection of the best VFX shots recently completed
Only for the Weekend - Narrative
All your life can change in a weekend - "Solo per il weekend" a film by Director Kobayashi
Trexton - Narrative
In a dark future a soldier is fighting to save his family and the World from a mysterious alien menace
Smirnoff Black - Matrioska Invaders
Some crazy Russian dolls are invading Milan looking for Vodka
Napoca - Ice Cream Factory
Jump on a magical roller coaster that will bring you in a pretty unique ice cream factory
Sony Xperia Z1 - Everything Matters
Follow Katrina Kaif in the wonderful Sony Xperia World
Weightless Opening Title - Narrative
The full CG opening title of Weightless
Sony Bravia - Play Doh London
Huge rabbits are bouncing around London in this Sony Bravia spec
Weightless Trailer - Narrative
Weightless is a feature film about love, people and dreams
Codatronca – This Is Not Gotham City
An animated Web Film to launch Codatronca, a fast super car made in Italy
Tasali - DJ / Kung Fu
A crazy campaign for Tasali
Italian Railways - ETR 1000
A web film to promote the ETR 1000 train launch